Fes Cooking Class

Fes Cooking Class

Fes Cooking Class

Welcome to our your cooking class

You'll start by going out to buy your ingredients at the local, bustling market. Then, you'll head back to the workshop to begin preparing your masterpiece. The course lasts from 9:30 am until 2:30 pm and is finalized by you enjoying your meal.

This is an invitation to discover the secrets of Moroccan cuisine. Courses are organized by professional chefs. You will first visit the market or souk for shopping. Afterwards, you will start preparing some selected recipes in the kitchen. Finally, you will taste the prepared meal.

Moroccan Cooking

In recent times, the excellence of Moroccan cuisine has become widely recognized. It is a healthy diet, drawing from Arab, Berber, Jewish, African and French traditions.
Due to the wonderful year round climate and extensive irrigation, Morocco has an abundance of locally grown products which, used with an imaginative range of spices, herbs and oils, creates a distinct range of tasty dishes including tajines, couscous, salads and flat breads. A wander around a souk gives a visitors a sense of the range of fresh vegetables and fruits available to Moroccan chefs and families.




Duration: 1/2 day

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